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Gina Buchanan Contemporary Romance Author

Making a Difference Through the Written Word

I have always been an advocate for animals, as they do not have a voice and are often the victims of abuse and neglect.  It runs in the family.  My mom is an ardent animal advocate and my aunt was a member of the German Green Peace.  Thus, I have decided to donate shares of my book sales to the following animal charity/rights groups:

Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge

Tiger Haven

SPCA International

If there are any other organizations you feel strongly about donating to, please feel free to send me suggestions. 




  • When one of my books hits Amazon's top 100, I will donate $1,000 to either of these organizations
  • When one of my books hits Amazon's top 20, I will double this donation
  • Finally, when one of my books hits the New York Times Bestseller List, I will donate more than $10,000 to each of the charities

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