Gina Buchanan Contemporary Romance Author
Gina Buchanan Contemporary Romance Author

Riveting Romance


I use the term "riveting romance" to describe my contemporary romance novels because I want to draw the reader in by touching him or her on an emotional level.  I strive to create a love story that takes both characters and readers on an emotional, adventurous journey fraught with ups and downs.  The Road to L.A. is my first novel available in ebook format on Amazon Kindle.  It is a new adult contemporary romance, where two characters must overcome inner demons and vulnerabilities to find true love.  And the amazingly handsome rocker Jake must push aside his lust for fame and all it brings with it!  Can he do it? 

The Road to L.A. New Adult Romance

What do you do when the love of your life becomes a rock star?


Carly Cabrerra has always looked up to her childhood friend Jake Harmon. His magnetic charm and adventurous spirit - not to mention his to-die-for good looks - have caused her to fall in love with the "Golden Boy" of Clanton, Ohio. But when Jake hits the big time and achieves his rock star dream, her romantic hopes are shattered.


Jake Harmon has attained everything he's ever wanted. Fame has brought money, women, and droves of adoring fans. His star is shining more brightly than ever, and he is taking full advantage of it. The glitz and fame promise to satisfy his every need. Or do they?


Can Carly overcome the naive innocence that binds her? Can Jake release himself from childhood demons that render him blind to the truth? Will the burning flames of their attraction ever unite in fiery passion?



This new adult rock star romance novel is now available on Amazon Kindle



"I really enjoyed reading The Road To L.A. by Ms. Buchanan. It is well-written and thought out with great character development and a unique story line. This is a wonderful first release for Gina and I am definitely looking forward to her next release. A 'Must Read'!" 

--PC 8/13/12


"What girl doesn't dream of dating a rock star? The Road to L.A. lets you live the dream, taking you down the bumpy road to fame and love. Carly and Jake are a fun follow and worth the read. Gina Buchanan successfully wrote a sweet escape."

--JJ 4/16/15


"I loved this book. I am hoping for a sequel. The background on the characters and then the ending was so good."

--LW 12/27/14


"It kept me engaged all the way through."

--robrac 10/1/14


"This is a fabulous book highly recommend you read this, the characters are really well written and the storyline is wont be disappointed reading this."

--shell 9/25/14

Author Q&A

When did you first start writing?


I actually starting writing as a child.  I remember being about 6 or 7 years old, sitting in my grandmother's kitchen writing stories in my journal about cats.  I'd write a story every day, each one featuring a new cat protangonist!  Writing stuck with me, and I got better and better.  It was my release and gave voice to my endless imagination.


How do you come up with your ideas?


I daydream a lot, ha ha!  No seriously, I do.  Sometimes I'll be in the midst of conversation and I'll space out and think of something that would make a great story.  It happens at the most inconvenient times.  Or I'll simply observe something and ask myself, "What if...?" 


Where are you from?


I was born a military brat and, thus, moved around a lot.  It's often difficult when someone asks me where I'm from to give an answer.  I'm pretty much from everywhere, although I did spend a great portion of my life living in Germany.  I've also lived in Kansas, Virginia, New Mexico, Arizona, Oregon, Colorado, and finally Texas.  I had to constantly make new friends, but it was cool to see new places and be exposed to different cultures.


What do you like to do as a hobby?


Besides writing, I am an avid horse-back rider.  Ever since I knew what a horse was, I've been in love with them.  And every year when my parents asked me what I wanted for Christmas, invariably I'd answer, "A horse!"  My family on my mother's side are horse people and have owned them.  I guess it's in my blood.  I took lessons in Germany when I was aged 12.  Then in my teenage years I volunteered at a ranch for 2.5 years. 


I also love to sing.  I'd be belting out tunes from a tender age, anything from En Vogue to Walt Disney cartoon songs.  In young adulthood, I opted for Mariah Carey tunes!  My 15 minutes of fame was when I worked on a song with a local music group and it debuted on the radio!  Of course, no one believed me when I told them (sigh). 


Is The Road to L.A. really your first novel?


Yes, I started writing it years ago in 2008.  I would write a little every day.  I had a stressful job, so it helped me unwind and get my creative juices flowing.  I've always been a creator.  I am currently working on my second novel, a romantic suspense. 


Why the romance genre?


I'm such a sap, a romantic at heart.  The whole love theme has always been central to my imaginings.  Of course, I like to incorporate suspense and adventure into my love stories...hence the term "riveting romance."  My next novel will be seeping with suspense!


Did you always want to be a writer?


Heck yeah!  I wrote my first novel when I was 19.  I don't think it was very good.  So I trashed it.  But the need to write remained and I simply couldn't resist.  I knew then I was meant to write.


Yes!  It's always been in my hear  Writing is a strength of mine, and I've always been good at using my writing to create other worlds, other existences - that people actually wanted to read!  And I'm a firm believer in using one's talents to positively impact others.  I want to share



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